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At Brandhorst Specialized Therapy, we recognize that bodies are complex, integrated systems. When a presenting problem does not respond to traditional therapy, we dig deeper! The vision held by a single therapist working out of her car has expanded to include like-minded clinicians with diverse speech and pediatric occupational therapy specializations.

We diagnose and treat movement, motor, speech, sensory, and feeding disorders. These disorders may be related to premature birth, picky eating, Autism Spectrum Disorder, tethered oral tissue, Down Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy, degenerative disease, CVA, TBI, apraxia of speech, developmental delay, and more. We work with other medical professionals to uncover the airway, musculoskeletal, and neurological factors that contribute to the observable concern. Then we develop individualized, family-centered treatment strategies, drawing from both traditional therapy practices and innovative techniques.

Our approach enables patients to find the answers and support needed to stabilize, grow, and thrive.

Occupational Therapy and its Many Benefits for Elderly People

The best occupational therapy in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, provides many benefits that can help many different people. Often, this type of treatment is offered to older adults to better recover from many other health issues. Understanding the many techniques offered by this type of therapy can give you a better chance of choosing an option that best suits your recovery needs.

The Nature of Occupational Therapy

Physical therapy of this type focuses on enhancing a person’s capabilities and skills to improve a myriad of different factors in their life. For example, many occupational therapists provide range-of-motion exercises for those injured on the job. These exercises are designed to improve the strength of the muscles and the joints and stabilize a person’s recovery.

The type of therapy options will vary depending on a person’s needs and often include many different techniques and movements that are simple, easy to control, and things are done at home. This approach’s benefits are that it allows a person to get some benefits from their treatment without having to go to their therapists, giving them more freedom of time.

As a result, it is often a good choice for older individuals struggling with a myriad of health troubles, as this type of therapy can provide them with a better chance of living a healthy life as they age. In some circumstances, this type of treatment may also increase their qualify of life by making it easier for them to handle a broad range of different movements that they wouldn’t be able to otherwise.

Thankfully, the benefits of occupational therapy are such that it is often relatively easy for most seniors to do without difficulty. Before trying out this type of treatment, though, it is a good idea to understand the different care options it provides and give a person a better chance of recovery. The following sections will discuss these benefits to understand better why you should try out this treatment method.

Enhance Range of Motion

Occupational therapy is often designed to help seniors who suffer from range-of-motion problems. For example, many seniors may have trouble with arthritis or other types of joint diseases that make it very hard for them to stand up, walk, and work effectively. This problem is often a harrowing one for proud seniors who have worked their whole lives but find that they cannot do what they once did.

Thankfully, there are many types of different therapy options that this treatment can provide. Passive range-of-motion exercises involve assisting the patient with meticulous and controlled activities in the injured area. The point behind this therapy is to restore much of a person’s range of motion and increase the strength and flexibility of a joint that may otherwise suffer from various health issues.

This option is also a good one for seniors who have lost range of motion or strength after surgery or severe injury and need a variety of compensatory strategies to either improve their joint capabilities or help it recover from injury. Often, this type of process teaches a senior how to compensate for the loss of strength by using other muscles and limbs to decrease their suffering as much as possible.

Manage the Pain of Aging

Growing older may beat the alternative, but it can still leave a senior with many concerns and complaints. For example, aging often triggers a lot of pain throughout the body that can be very hard to tolerate and accept. In some cases, a senior may find that they cannot handle the demands that this type of pain puts on their life and may discover that they need occupational therapy to recover from this problem.

For example, this type of therapy can help focus on pained areas and provide treatment options that decrease this problem. For example, there are many types of tightness and inflammation issues that may occur throughout an older person’s body. These issues can often be compensated for and managed by using careful movements to counter their development and worsening.

Just as importantly, this type of therapy also helps decrease tension in the muscles that may lead to pain. Often, this type of muscle stress a senior has become accustomed to in their life, and they no longer even notice it. However, therapy can provide them with the best chance to manage this concern and get back to their day-to-day lives without any difficulty.

Recovery From Other Types of Diseases

Lastly, occupational therapy is designed to help seniors manage many types of diseases beyond pain and range of motion. Surprisingly, this type of treatment can be adapted to address conditions that may be quite surprising, providing a person with a better understanding of their possible advantages and using this type of therapy to recover from them in a meaningful way.

For example, an older person with diabetes may enhance their blood sugar absorption, improve their circulation, and receive many other benefits through this type of therapy. And as many older adults do end up developing some symptoms of diabetes, this benefit is huge and can give them a better chance of staying healthy and avoiding complications with their health recovery at the same time.

Even better, many types of cardiovascular health concerns – such as heart damage and lung problems can be easily handled by this type of care. Experts who understand how to work the muscles of the body and those around the heart can give a person the best chance of staying healthy as they age and provide a safer and better environment for their growth as an individual at the same time.

Don’t Let This Therapy Pass You By

So if your loved one in the Cedar Rapids area is a senior that could benefit from occupational therapy, please reach out to us at Brandhorst Specialized Therapy to learn more. Our experts have years of experience working with people like you and fully understand how to provide you with the care you need to recover. Call now to make a basic assessment session that will give you the help that you need to get started.