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At Brandhorst Specialized Therapy, we recognize that bodies are complex, integrated systems. When a presenting problem does not respond to traditional therapy, we dig deeper! The vision held by a single therapist working out of her car has expanded to include like-minded clinicians with diverse speech and pediatric occupational therapy specializations.

We diagnose and treat movement, motor, speech, sensory, and feeding disorders. These disorders may be related to premature birth, picky eating, Autism Spectrum Disorder, tethered oral tissue, Down Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy, degenerative disease, CVA, TBI, apraxia of speech, developmental delay, and more. We work with other medical professionals to uncover the airway, musculoskeletal, and neurological factors that contribute to the observable concern. Then we develop individualized, family-centered treatment strategies, drawing from both traditional therapy practices and innovative techniques.

Our approach enables patients to find the answers and support needed to stabilize, grow, and thrive.

Times When Physical Therapy is Absolutely Critical for Your Health

The best physical therapy in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, is often misunderstood by many individuals. For some reason, a physical therapist’s purpose and goals can be mysterious to some people, and they may not understand why or when they need this type of therapy. As a result, it is critical to fully understand as many of these benefits as possible to ensure that they get the treatment they need. It is possible to get high-quality recovery help at a reasonable price from these experts in many cases.

Pain Management Benefits – the Number One Reason to Get Physical Therapy

Most people get this type of therapy when they suffer from a large amount of physical pain caused by various situations. For example, many people may have chronic pain that refuses to go away, causing them great suffering. Therapy can identify the source of this pain and eliminate it by using carefully-controlled movements and pain medication treatment options.

Joint pain is one of the most commonly treated types of issues with this treatment. Techniques such as joint tissue mobilization help the tissues in your elbows, knees, and back from wearing down and becoming painful too soon. Just as importantly, this type of therapy also includes exercises that increase your joints’ strength and flexibility to ensure that they stay healthy and resistant to injury.

And techniques like taping and electrical stimulation helps to enhance the strength and durability of various muscles and joints in your body, ensuring that they don’t end up becoming inflamed or suffering from too much pain. The main idea behind physical therapy is to make sure that this pain is managed and that it never comes back. That benefit is vast for those suffering from this type of pain problem.

Enhancing Mobility – Critical for Many Older Individuals

Although physical therapy is often used for various types of injuries and pain management, it may also manage many people’s mobility issues. For example, young children with genetic, muscle, or nerve conditions may need physical therapists to help them. Treatment will enhance the strength of a child’s body and ensure that they improve their motor skills and other areas of their body.

However, therapy of this type is often more common for older people who have muscle-related issues caused by aging and other types of conditions. These individuals may need the help of a physical therapist to increase the strength of their muscles, boost their stamina and flexibility, and provide many other types of care that may be hard to get without the help of a high-quality expert managing their case for them.

Typically, this type of care not only involves focused and careful manipulations of the body but also integrates canes, crutches, walkers, and other types of assistive devices that can make it easier for an older person to walk or exercise for extended periods without suffering from any pain. In many cases, this type of treatment can also help a senior going through multiple surgeries for various kinds of reasons.

Surgery Help – A Major Benefit for Many

Surgery is often a challenging process for many and may put a lot of strain and pressure on their bodies that can be hard to tolerate. However, physical therapy can be of great help to those facing similar situations in the Cedar Rapids area. This recovery assistance after surgery can prevent a person from getting surgery, giving them a better chance of proper pain management.

For example, therapy for a joint injury may stabilize the affected area and make it easier for a person to stay on their knees longer. Therapy will increase the strength of the damaged tissue, boost its flexibility, and potentially help it recover enough to prevent surgery. Often, this option is utilized for those on the cusp of needing surgery but aren’t quite hurt enough to avoid other care types.

Just as significantly, this type of therapy can help a person after surgery by providing many types of pain management benefits. Physical therapists help strengthen these muscles by getting the body to release various kinds of endorphin chemicals that decrease pain levels and make it easier for a person to recover. These benefits are enormous for those who are trying to get over multiple surgeries in a short period.

Disease Management – A Surprising Array of Benefits

Lastly, therapy of this type can be surprisingly beneficial for managing a myriad of different health issues. The extent and range of these problems vary depending on a person and the dangers that affect them. Often, physical therapists can provide help for things that you may not have ever considered and may be able to boost your health better than other treatment options available.

For example, this type of therapy can be very beneficial for those going through stroke recovery. The loss of various kinds of mobility is widespread after a stroke and can be very upsetting and frustrating. Thankfully, physical therapists have many exercises that can help a person regain much of this lost mobility and keep them focused and healthy for years after their injury.

And those with balance issues, such as vertigo, may also benefit from this type of therapy. Physical therapists can help those with these problems understand how to cope with them and change their stance or posture to prevent falls. Treatment can also improve a person’s muscles’ strength and flexibility, making sure that they don’t end up falling and injuring themselves.

Even better, high-quality therapy can also boost a person’s diabetes recovery, manage their heart-health problems, and even help with osteoporosis and arthritis problems. By working with therapists in this situation, it is possible to decrease the impact of various types of dangerous health conditions and provide a person with the best chance of staying healthy for years to come.

We Can Help You Recover – We Promise

As you can see, the best physical therapy in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, can give you a great chance of overcoming many types of pain and becoming a happier and healthier person. Please don’t hesitate to contact us at Brandhorst Specialized Therapy if these benefits sound appealing to you. Our expert therapists are carefully screened and trained to ensure that they are of the highest possible quality for your needs. And we make sure that each gets their licensing updated regularly to stay on top of the latest therapy trends. We look forward to working with you.