Hope Breitbach

Around 3-4 weeks after my second son was born, I knew something was wrong. He would click while nursing, was extremely gassy, and uncomfortable when laying flat. After seeing a post about someone’s child having lip and tongue ties, I started my research. I am forever grateful that my search led me and my son, Eli, to Lindsey. She evaluated us within the week, determined my son did, in fact, have both a lip and tongue tie and gave me recommendations on how to proceed. Since he was not having weight gain issues, we decided to do exercises that she provided for two weeks before revision. Lindsey provided me with handouts on exercises, videos to watch, and tons of recommendations for dental providers. Two weeks later, my son had his revision surgery. I am CONFIDENT when I say that it is only because of Lindsey and the dentist that my son and I were able to successfully nurse for 13 months. I will forever refer family, friends, and strangers to Lindsey for her services.