Nicole Borja

We first came to Brandhorst Therapy for an evaluation for my daughter, Mia. She had been suffering from what I thought could be a tongue tie. Lindsey checked her and helped expedite the process of getting the ties removed. Two weeks later, Mia had both her lip and tongue evaluated at Tongue Tie Center of Iowa and had a laser tongue tie revision procedure, which was surprisingly painless and lasted only a few minutes.

When we came back in to have Mia’s lip and tongue checked again by Lindsey, I let her know my concerns about my daughter not sitting up correctly and not crawling on her own yet. Amazingly enough, there was a new PT starting in the office.

We started to see Rosie (Physical Therapist), a couple of months ago and now Mia, who is now 9 months, sees her on a weekly basis. I actually enjoy going to these appointments, which is a first for me. You can tell Rosie is very experienced in her profession. The atmosphere and staff at Brandhorst treat everyone with genuine respect and concern, which isn’t the case at most clinics. We love it there!

My daughter now can fully move her lip and tongue and can finally get adequate rest. On top of that, Mia has started to crawl after working with Rosie. I could literally burst into tears! Our family is so very thankful for Brandhorst and their early intervention with Mia.


Lindsey exhibited good patience and love for her job. I was so comfortable having her work with my son when I noticed his speech was falling behind. My son has made excellent progress in speech all thanks to Lindsey!


I came to Lindsey because a friend recommended her… and I’m so glad I did! Lindsey got us in quickly and treated me with respect and care. I suspected my 2 week old daughter had oral ties and she confirmed that for me with a quick evaluation. It was easy to get in and she referred me to a great dental office that took care of my baby. I am very happy with the end result.

Paige Eastburn

I reached out to Lindsey seeking help with my child who has extensive feeding difficulties plus a severe oral aversion. I appreciated her willingness to first listen to my concerns, second get to know my son and his likes and dislikes, and third thinking out of the box before jumping into working on his challenges. She developed a weekly plan and gave us tools and techniques to approach his oral aversion and feeding challenges that were not overwhelming and impossible to follow. Lindsey was so patient and so caring towards my son’s situation and celebrated the small yet mighty victories that he accomplished. I would recommend Lindsey to anyone who is seeking a compassionate and caring, yet very effective, approach to your child’s struggles and challenges.

Hope Breitbach

Around 3-4 weeks after my second son was born, I knew something was wrong. He would click while nursing, was extremely gassy, and uncomfortable when laying flat. After seeing a post about someone’s child having lip and tongue ties, I started my research. I am forever grateful that my search led me and my son, Eli, to Lindsey. She evaluated us within the week, determined my son did, in fact, have both a lip and tongue tie and gave me recommendations on how to proceed. Since he was not having weight gain issues, we decided to do exercises that she provided for two weeks before revision. Lindsey provided me with handouts on exercises, videos to watch, and tons of recommendations for dental providers. Two weeks later, my son had his revision surgery. I am CONFIDENT when I say that it is only because of Lindsey and the dentist that my son and I were able to successfully nurse for 13 months. I will forever refer family, friends, and strangers to Lindsey for her services.

Reston’s mom

We are so pleased with the services we have received from Brandhorst. We had started out with speech therapy at a different clinic and just felt like there was more we needed or were missing out on. Lindsey thinks outside of the box. She is non-traditional in her approach and it is a refreshing change. She also gives suggestions for other services to seek that may help your child progress even further. We have nothing but wonderful things to say about Lindsey and her clinic and would highly recommend them to anyone!